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It’s Time to Renew Your Home Insurance

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Our records indicate that YOUR HOME INSURANCE IS ABOUT TO RENEW. So we have prepared this customized annual premium estimate for you and encourage you to compare it to your current policy.

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1234 Any St.Ashburn, VA 20147

Built in 1990 with 2,412 square feet

Recommended Insurance Coverage

  • Dwelling Coverage $365,000
  • Separate Structures $36,500
  • Personal Property $219,000
  • Loss of Use Up to 12 Months
  • Liability $300,000
  • Medical $5,000
  • Identity Fraud $50,000

Your Estimated
Annual Premium


This is merely a proposal and not a policy of insurance or offer to insure. The company reserves the right to accept, reject or modify this proposal after investigation, review of the application and review of all other underwriting information. Your rate could vary based on differences in your home, your age and other factors.

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